How to start conversations with old friends?

We all get extremely busy in our lives owing to various reasons.
So, as a result in many cases we lose touch with our friends. How could one approach such friends?

》Through fb

Just search him/her on fb & share one of the memories through a message.
Memories have the power to rekindle friendships. Sharing a common memory helps the friend on the other side to recognise you.

》Keep in touch

Always try to end conversations with “Keep in Touch”. It conveys your concern to the friends.

》Show interest

Be interested about their lives. Ask what’s good news there? How’s everything there?
Help in any form if you could. It could be suggesting something. It could be sharing a piece of information.

》Plan get-togethers

If it has been a very long-time. Then plan a get-together at a place which is convenient to you as well as your friend. A joyful day with your friend recharges you for the whole month to stay positive, lively & focused.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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