Keep your phone aside.

If you wish to be highly productive & super successful in life then keep your phone aside for at least 6 hours (besides sleeping) each day.
Smartphones have become a source of massive distractions.


As you turn on the internet, there are lots of notifications from WhatsApp & from various social media’s.
It becomes irresistible to stop oneself from looking to them.
The better strategy could be checking them at a particular fixed time. Let’s say you fix 7 pm. So, you will reply to all queries & messages at 7 pm. You will not only save lots of your time but your productivity shall enhance greatly.

》Involve in Real-life conversations

There is no replacement to real-life conversations. So, instead of chatting on social networks choose to engage in real-life.

》Energy loss

Most of the energy & time is lost by just surfing from one website to another. So, avoid surfing over internet without a list of “what you shall search for”.

If your phone is becoming an obstacle in your success then keep it aside for major portion of your day. Feel & experience the real life….it’s amazing!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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