“Once” is the reality.

“Once” is the most motivating word you would ever discover.
“Once” signifies the glorious past. When we say India was once “the World Leader” it points to its golden past & may not represent the present conditions.
How often do you encounter people saying- “My grandfather was this…..”? Or “I was once the….”. “Once” is a word that mostly portays a sorry figure for the present situations.
So, the catch here is that ” You don’t wish your past to be golden but PRESENT”.

》Talk about the PRESENT

How well did you do today?
No matter what your past depicts success or failure- it should not come into your way to change your present in order to achieve your dreams in the near future.

》”Once”: Never forget it!

Everything changes. So, don’t get stuck. Don’t get attached to success. Don’t take failures by heart. “Once” reminds us that even stronghold industries can be seen on the verge of extinction.
And on the other hand you can witness new start-ups becoming stronghold in their field.

There are ample opportunities available for you. Just develop & harbour the capabilities that shall allow you to seize them.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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