Entrepreneurial lifestyle of UPSC Aspirants

If you look closely at the lifestyle of UPSC aspirants it matches with that of entrepreneurs.
UPSC aspirants don’t just have to mug up the facts, History,  Geography & allied subjects but have to prepare meticulously for the current affairs.

》Current Affairs

You go to bed & sleep at night & when you wake up in the morning there is a newspaper awaiting for you.
You jump to it to find out what’s there in it for you.
(You don’t read it for amusement but to critically analyse the burning & vital issues of India & the World).
You have to sum up your learnings into a short – notes else you will forget it all in few days.
(You have to keep re-vising them often)

》What is this?

You came across a piece of article you don’t understand & your reaction is like: What’s this?
You search it on Google & browse it in some books to get acquainted with the concept.

》Critically Analyse

You don’t just have to get acquainted with the news. You have to understand the essence of the events, their importance & repercussions.

Isn’t the preparation of UPSC dynamic?
The question paper is directly or indirectly shaped by the events occurring around you. They affect you in some or the other way. But you have to understand their affects & repercussions in order to realise your dream of being an IAS.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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