The concept of massive implementation

We are living in an age where information that is thrown at us each day is massive.
It is really imperative to be selective about what you read & process in order to implement it.
The concept behind the same is that today information is available to tremendous amount of people.
What could allow you to get ahead is its implementation.

》How to implement

-Be Selective

Prepare a list of sources to acquire information.
It could be website, magazine or a person.

-Process it

Ask yourself – what’s there in it for me?
How can I utilise this piece of article to improve my life?
Repeat this activity whenever you read something.
Act small. Start by making small changes.
This will allow you to make changes in your habits in the long-term.

》Massive Implementation

Some changes will work in your favour & some against you. Adopt those in your daily life that increase your productivity. Drop all others. After few months of repetition you shall be able to choose best techniques & practices that work in your favour. Once you find them go on implementing them at MASSIVE SCALE.
No, looking backward. Go with them with utmost faith. They shall make you invincible.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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