I edited my pic.

We don’t need editing. We are perfect in the way we are born.

》Get comfortable with your own skin.

We don’t need make up. We need self-confidence.

-Will they approve of me if I wear this?

-What people will say if they see me in this condition?

-What others will perceive if I wear this?

These are futile questions. They don’t need to be answered.
You don’t need to edit your pics to show it to the world.
Even you don’t need to take the snapshots of events. It’s the moment that counts the most. As long as you are enjoying the moment/process- you are complete.

》First Impression

It’s not just by the way you dress. It by your “inner happiness”. Your inner happiness is contagious. The people who are happy from inside don’t try to act in a certain way to win attention. They are happy & keep themselves engaged. So, ultimately they win attention- without any efforts.

》Sense of completion

We experience sense of completion by accepting ourselves fully.
You shall feel complete when you accept yourself fully. You will no longer need to impress anybody.
You will no longer have to “act in a certain way”.
That’s freedom.

Embrace it! Enjoy it!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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