What I learned from Eric Thomas?

What I learned from Eric Thomas?

“Are you hearing me? You might be smarter! Your family might come from privilege! Your daddy might own a company! But YOU WILL NEVER OUT WORK ME!

So, the catch here is that no matter how privileged the others might be they cannot beat you if you are relentless with your efforts. There is no substitute to hard-work. If you keep grinding day in & day out you can learn & develop the requisite skills to succeed in life.

There is no obstacle for those who work-hard. Others might be Smarter, Talented, Wealthy & Privileged but they cannot beat someone who is passionate. Never allow negative thoughts of being born with less or no resources to create hindrance in achieving your dreams.

Instead look it as a utility that shall make your more resourceful. It shall make you the most resourceful person who could perform at the peak-level with little or no resources.

The world waits for such people. If you could do with meager resources then you shall become insurmountable when you get access to resources.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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