How to build up confidence?

There are two ways to become very confident :
One is to start working hard & believing in one’s efforts, talents & skills.
Generating faith that no matter what “I shall be able to handle the situations”.
Grinding will always generate confidence to sustain, persevere & fight in any situation.
This is a long-term process whereby you become stronger internally & can handle & manage crisis efficiently.
Here your focus is not on changing the outer conditions but on improving yourself so that you can cope up with any challenges and situations.

Another way is by “changing some of your outer circumstances”.
It shall include working on:

》Multiple Sources of Income

If you have one source of income then you may agree to work in most inhospitable/inhumane circumstances.
On the other hand if you some other sources of income then you may not be afraid to be fired from your job or changing circumstances.
So, create multiple sources of income.
It could be writing a novel, self-help book, real estate, blogging or any other source of income. But it will allow you to live without stress and with confidence.


Keep yourself updated with informations.
Hone your skills.
Engage in massive self-learning & make yourself prepared to face the worst.


If you save a substantial amount of money then it shall surely boost your confidence.
You can switch from one job to another (as you gave 3-4 months expenditure of family)
Or can take a unpaid leave to enjoy with family & friends.
Or you can make a shift from a job to business.
That’s the power of saving.


It’s always heartening to have some “people in life whom you can look for in times of crisis”.
Be it monetary help or emotionally but it surely allows one to pass from bad phase of life to a good one.
So, invest heavily on relationships.

Live your life confidently and de-stress it.
Live it to the fullest by saving, investing & pursuing good relationships.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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