Action Plan for 2020

If you are presently in the last year of graduation then you should have a written action plan for 2020.
The logic behind the same is that it is the golden period of your life.
You would be around 25 in 2020.
Remember, what you do in these 4 years probability is quite high that you gonna do that for rest of your life.

》How many people quit their first job (govt.)?
Very few

》How many people make transition from being a professional worker to business owner & vice-versa?
Very few.

》How many people have 2 or more sources of income?

》How many people start something new after the age 25?

So, what I’m emphasising here is that these 4 years are really vital for you.
Try to accomplish your dreams in these 4 years.
Rest of your life shall become easy & smooth.

》My Action Plan for 2020

– Govt. Job

– 1000 blogposts by May, 2016

– 2 books penned by me ( 1 Self-help & another one a novel)

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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