Experience@ SSB Allahabad by Er. Amit Yadav

Experience@ SSB Allahabad by Er. Amit Yadav

The scheduled date for my SSB was 20th January, 2016.
All the candidates were informed to be present at MCO (Movement Control Office), Allahabad Rly station at 6 a.m. (to escort the candidates to SCE).
However, I knew the address of SCE (Selection Centre East), Allahabad. So, I reached directly to the venue at 6 a.m.
What enthralls you when you enter the Cantt. Area is its tranquility.
There is no chaos and stillness that prevails there is captivating.
What you witness at the gate is “jawans” guarding with guns.
What has always perplexed is the devotion they exhibit towards their duty.
You will never find a “jawan” yawning or leaning.
It reminded me of my 10th examinations when I used to go to Bareilly Cantonment to take examination at KV.
I was always surprised by the alertness and passion with which “jawans” guarded the cantonment.
I always wished to perform my duties with same passion and devotion.
(Hope I succeed in the same soon!)

As you enter the SCE gate you will be given the directions to the area where you need to keep your belongings.
After that you will be asked to have a breakfast.
Then after that verification process shall commence.
In it all the candidates are asked to line up in multiple queues.
When the requisite documents are verified and found to be of satisfactory level, the candidates are asked to move to the testing hall.
In testing hall original mark sheets of graduation are checked and after that you are given a chest no.
You are directed to take a seat in the testing hall.
(The above process takes around 2-3 hours)

>Intelligence Test

There are two intelligence tests taken.
Both are of 20 minutes comprising of 40 questions and are meant to evaluate the sharpness, quickness and accuracy of the candidates.
(English & Elementary Mathematics questions were easy and accounted for around 25% questions of the paper).
What were difficult were the questions related to cubes.
Majority of questions were based on two themes:
1- Are cubes same?
2- Which of the following option cube belongs to the Group A?
(The above questions were very difficult as it was tough to find out the same in the given little time)

Picture Perception & Description Test.
In this candidates were shown a hazy picture for about 30 seconds and were asked to write a story on the same in about 3 minutes.
This activity completed the Picture Perception part of the above testing.

After this the candidates were divided into groups of 20 each and were called for GD.
First all the individuals of the group were asked to narrate their story and secondly they were called for GD session.
(I noticed one thing and it amazed me. It was that most stories felt “crammed & didn’t had any linkage with the picture shown”.)
GD was the toughest part of the testing as all had different story.
Especially I didn’t know “how to attempt such a GD”.
It didn’t get well as I had perceived.
(But what I learned from other candidates is that you just have to find “something common” in narrated stories of majority of candidates.
It could be “So, we all agree that the mood of the character was positive…So, we all agree that there were two characters…So, we agree that one character was motivating the other character….and so on)
Once you have made your point. Let others speak.
Soon it will become a fish market like situation.
So, keeping silent for a while shall surely fetch you marks.

After around 2-2.30 hours after testing results are announced.
What I could retain is what the speaker said before announcing the results.
“Some will stay and some will have to go. If you are interested in joining & do not find your name in the list then go at home and improve yourself. Try to find out if it was the Intelligence test in which you couldn’t perform well or it was PP&DT.
If it’s intelligence test then with practice you can surely improve in it.
For PP&DT you need to write your perception and not a tailored story (as most of you did).
So, improve yourself and re-appear again for the SSB”.

I couldn’t find my name in the list of candidates selected who were required to stay for 4 more days at SCE till conference round.
I was S/O (Screened Out).
Some will get C/O (Conferenced Out).
Some will make up to their dreams
What remains same for those who fail is “IMPROVE YOURSELF AND RE-APPEAR”.


If you look at large to people those who succeeded in realizing their dreams are those who “re-tried” for their dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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