Why you should prepare for civil services?

Civil Services are the most coveted jobs of the country.
Apart from the perks, salaries and respect it carries there are many other added advantages.

》Processing the information

Most people read newspaper.
But if you prepare for civil services you will need to understand the pros and cons of every scheme that is launched by the government.
You will be able to suggest possible improvements in schemes and their implementation.


You will have an opportunity to understand the past.
After reading history you will be able to appreciate the change that has taken place since millions of years ago.


One doesn’t need to memorise every fact and figure one comes across to.
One just needs to get fair idea of all the govt. schemes, past history of India (with special emphasis on India’s struggle for Independence ), geography  (all important places- tourist, historical, exemplary, resources, etc plus rainfall and it’s effect on different parts of India, Temperature, Winds and it’s effect, soil profile of the country,  physical features of India, etc), polity  (constitution of India), etc.
If you work hard extremely then you will have improved your memorising power tremendously in a 1 year time span.

》More Informed

You will become a more informed citizen.
(So, there is no loss)

》30 Books

In about 6-7 months you will read (& re-read) about 30-35 books.
That is at least 5-6 books each month.
Not a bad deal.
By the end you will become an avid reader.


You will be able to make concrete assumptions of “how things happening outside the India or in India” will affect you and the nation as a whole.
It is one of the finest skills that is required to excel in today’s fast changing world.

To sum up you will become a multifarious person.
You will be able to express yourself in a better way (thanks to 4 GS mains paper).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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