What to do if you are inclined towards Govt. Jobs?

What to do if you are inclined towards Govt. Jobs?

You may be in 4th year of engineering and would have decided to go for govt. job.
The road to govt. job shall be full of bumpy rides.

>Disconnect with private job-seekers

This is really a vital step. There might be many who would have fetched private jobs in MNC’s.
But the case with you is that you won’t join one such even if you are offered a job letter.
Your path is completely different.

-You may need to go for coaching
-You shall have to toil hard day in and day out
-You shall need to travel extensively to appear in different examinations (prelims, mains & interviews)
(So, better prepare yourself for that)

>Make a conscious choice

Once you step into the govt. sector and start preparing you miss opportunities in the private sector.
Private sectors primarily seek for fresher.

>Situations with you are different

After graduation many would start their job.
You are different. You will either join a coaching or start studying through self-mode.
It may take 1 year, 2 year or more to fetch a good job in govt. sector.
Whatever it takes you will have to pay the price through sacrifices made and efforts put in.

-Why you need to disconnect

There shall be news about pay rise, perks, promotions or things like that.
But does that really affect you?
It’s because your path is completely different than those who opted to work for MNC’s.
Don’t make comparisons.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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