One thing that will ease your life.

Decisions are personal most of the times and imposing your will on somebody’s decision making is wrong.

What one can do at best is to help someone in decision making.
What you may strongly believe in others might not.

》Imposing your will

You don’t have the right to make choices and decisions for anyone.
You just have to pass suggestions and what-you-might-have-done-in-such-situations.
I strongly believe that we all must be allowed to make wrong decisions.
We all must be allowed to fail and taste bitter failures.
We all must be allowed to make mistakes.

If we have a good heart and will-power then everything will get fixed at right place and at the right time.

It is the sheer fear of “agar kuch garbad ho gayi toh” that has always stopped us from taking reasonable and calculated risks and has lead us to live within our comfort zone.

We must be allowed to live life to the fullest through natural processes like “hit and trial” and experimentation.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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