Why you should watch 100 TED talks?

– You shall start believing that ANY WEIRD IDEA MAY WORK!

– You shall begin believing in your capabilities and would start analysing if you too could make something worthwhile from your ideas.

– There are MANY WAYS.

You would surely develop this angle in your personality after watching 100’s of TED videos.
As whether it is about getting rich- there are tremendous way.
Or it may be about pursuing wonderful relationships – there are MANY GREAT PEOPLE OUT THERE.
You just need to discover a new idea, a new way or a new strategy to succeed at what you dream off.

– Recent Developments

You shall get acquainted with recent developments in Science, Technology and  Societal changes.
It is vital to know the trends as they shall allow you to have a vision and be the part of future game-changers.

– Inspiration

You may be thrilled to watch successful  people who are making money out of “things they love to do”.
There is no more pleasure in life than making money out of doing what you love to do.
It not only takes care of your finances but also is the source of inner-joy, peace and contentment.

I have seen many TED videos and in my opinion it is life changing.
It is worth your time.
So, just do one thing in this following week- make a commitment to watch 100 random TED vidoes.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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