What to do when your ENEMIES outnumber your FRIENDS?

What to do when your ENEMIES outnumber your FRIENDS?

The first and foremost step to be taken is to change your mental attitude. You may have more enemies than friends due to your bad attitude towards people. You may be self-centered and might indulge in activities than only interests you.
How can you develop healthy relationships with others when the only thing that matters you is YOU?
So, instead of focusing on yourself get some time to interact with others.

-Time & Money

Time: Set aside some time for yourself and your most prioritized activities. The time you are left with is to be devoted with friends and family members. Keep weekends for spending quality time with loved ones. Do find time out of your busy schedule to randomly call a friend or to leave a message on WhatsApp.

Money: Keep some money reserved to be spent on friends and loved ones. As if you are working hard then you shall add many feathers to your cap. That means more parties and get-togethers.
Also, some money is to be kept for festivities and occasional get-togethers and to attend invites by friends.

So, you can make more friends and well-wishers by getting genuinely interested in others.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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