5 things I learned from blogging.

5 things I learned from blogging.

1. You have to START

I was fascinated by the idea of blogging when I discovered that I liked writing.
The main problem was that I was reluctant to start blogging owing to vulnerabilities attached to it like what others will say when they read(I avoided controversy by focusing on writing only on positive things), will anyone read it, is it worth the time (in 4th year of engineering) and so on.
But finally one day I started out by chalking out a strategy and looking at the brighter side of blogging:

-even if no one reads it still it shall improve my writing skills
-it was worth doing because I wish to be a novelist so good writing skills are pertinent
-what others will say is none of my business

2. Improvements follow

Initially I made lots of grammatical mistakes.
So, I was hesitant to begin my blogging journey.
I was unsure if people shall read an article with grammatically errors.
But what happened as latter is that I received good feedbacks and it helped me to overcome the initial barriers.
So, what I learned was that most people are not grammar nazi as long as they can relate to the blog post and find the content of the blog to be useful in their life.

3. Lack of time is an excuse

You shall find adequate time for what you love to do and find meaning in it.
Since, I was clear about the benefits of blogging. So, it allowed me to continue the journey.

4. You cannot be ignored

If you do “anything relentlessly for a long-time” it is impossible that it shall go unnoticed.
So, when I started critics said “blogging is not meant for you”.
Despite all that I kept on writing as the primary reason behind blogging was brushing my writing skills and not the recognition.

5. You have to self-learn

You cannot grow exponentially in any field if you don’t self-learn.
To learn more about blogging and allied things I relied on YouTube.
And it has helped a lot in my journey as a blogger.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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