You are always negotiating with time.

You are always negotiating with time.

When you choose to take up an auto from point A to reach point B which is not far off then you are negotiating with time.
What we did just is negotiating with time and energy (as taking an auto saves time and energy and involves spending money).
So, why is it that in order to achieve your dreams we do not-

-put money into use to achieve our goals and dreams?

-put requisite labor in order to achieve our dreams in minimum possible time?

-stop doing what throws you away from achieving your dreams?

So, if you really wish to negotiate with time then negotiate on better things.
They could be:

i.e. better health , relationships, achievement of your dreams, and happiness to life in minimum time possible.

“Minimum time” is required to improve the quality of any of the aspect of your life when you put MAXIMUM FOCUS, ENERGY AND ATTENTION to them.
So, give maximum and uninterrupted attention to things that matter to you in life.
Else everything is secondary.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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