Life isn’t about having everything

Life isn’t about having everything.

Life isn’t about having your dream job, car & other luxuries. Life isn’t about chasing everything. It is about being SELECTIVE.

Life is short. So, you have to be very selective about life. Else you may end up chasing everything that fascinates you.
Being over-worked and missing “small enjoyments and fun” along the way is the biggest single mistake possible in life.
So, avoid postponing happiness for future.
Live in today.

The things that we achieve in life come out of mercy of other things as it is really very difficult to strike a balance in life.
One has to manage health, finances, relationships and things that give us meaning to our life.
So, in order to live a significant life and enjoy it to the fullest you need to decide your priorities.

You need to miss out some things in order to enjoy the others (which you dream of).
So, never be afraid to make sacrifices to realize your dreams.
Succeeding in life and maintaining it without hard-work is impossible.
So, never shy away from hard-work.
Yes, we do need lots of enjoyments.
It is possible to work-hard and enjoy life simultaneously.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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