Evidence that you are KING.

Evidence that YOU ARE KING

In the past back hundreds of years ago before the age of industrialization finished goods and services were not available in large quantities.
Most goods and services produced were self-made (due to existence of cottage industries).
Due to technological advancements and the beginning of the Information Age the production has risen sharply.

–You probably wear clothes than kings would have had.

–You have more sources of entertainment than kings as today we have YouTube, Movie theatres, Television, Internet, Magic shows, Sports shows, Comedy shows, etc.

–You can travel through trains and planes that are much faster. Hence, you would have travel and discovered more.

-You would have devoured more cuisines (Continental, South Indian, Chinese, Street food, Italian, etc.).

-You would have interacted with more people than in the past thanks to Social Media.

-You would have read more books owing to print media and now over internet.

Due to industrialization consumption has increased.
Tally the consumption expenditure in various countries they show a rising trend.
So, what is evident is that we are consuming more of the things are becoming more materialist.
If you are still unsatisfied in life it is the result of COMPARISON.
You are comparing “what you have” with others.
Due to which you fall into trapping more of thing you can consume.

Instead falling into trap of chasing materialistic things (working day in and day out) enjoy simple things in life and keep it simple.
That’s where the fun lies in life- keeping it SIMPLE!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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