You cannot have it all.

You cannot have it all.

You have to be choosy. If you wish to watch movies with friends, enjoy travelling and late night parties along with the fulfillment of your dreams then it is going to be an exhausting experience.
We all have 24 hours. If you wish to enjoy each day and try to schedule many movies, get-togethers or fun-time each day then it either comes out as a sacrifice of sleep or work.
Sacrificing either sleep or work is dangerous.

Instead you can be selective in life.
Why not devote time for the activities that you enjoy the most and ignoring nearing all others?
You can schedule get-togethers and movies at the end of each month.

-Talking on phone with friends

Do not make a call to people whom you meet on day-to-day basis or now and then.
Instead you need to utilize the same time to get in touch with old friends who live in other cities.
This includes interactions via WhatsApp and Social Networking sites.

-Ignore all others

If you like to watch movies then instead of get-togethers at restaurants you can invite friends to watch movies with you.If you jog then you can ask friends to join with you at morning for joggings.
You can even invite friends to accompany with you at workshops and seminars you attend.
So, instead of doing things that you don’t like you can incline get-togethers at things you engage in regularly.
This shall give you more time to engage with friends.
You can also accompany your friends to seminars and workshops they attend to.

So, be very selective. Life is about being choosy. Make better choices and enjoy the life to the fullest by doing and engaging into activities that you love.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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