What can I learn today?

What can I learn today?

You may know many things but not EVERYTHING.
Wake up each day and ask yourself what new can I learn today?


Learn something new each day. It could be a new quote, technique or a word. Learn each day no matter what.

-Sources of learning

It could be a book, internet or through observation.
There is no scarcity of information in today’s world.
It is almost free and accessible from any part of the world. So, invest wisely into the reliable sources and get yourself acquainted with the info’s of your niche.

-Learning skill-sets

Figure out the skill-sets that you need to acquire in order to achieve your goals.
Keep learning new skills as they enrich your life and bring meaning to your life.

Most-sought-after skills of present times are CODING, BLOGGING, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, PERSONAL BRANDING, ETC.
So, you may choose to develop the above skills this NEW YEAR 2016.


Find out ways to improve your productivity.
There might be some tips available on internet but they may not suit you. So, put some efforts to know what works for you.
If you learn one way to reduce your time and efforts to an activity without compromising with the efficiency and quality of work then by the end of one year you would have increased your productivity at 365 tasks!
By doing so you save your time and thus will have more leisure time to enjoy and rejuvenate yourself.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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