Why you should pursue a co-activity that you enjoy?

Lack of time is a myth.
We all get chunks of time each day yet we fail to utilise them as we don’t have any planning for them.

For the utilisation of the same you should pursue two activities {one primary and another secondary  (co-activity)}
Suppose you may be pursuing B.tech but alongwith it you may carry on an activity that enhances your skills and are fun-doing:

::: Blogging  ( improves your writing skills )

::: Book Reviewing  ( enhances your Abstract Writing skills and Creativity )

::: Art & Drawing ( enhances your creativity )

::: Public Speaking ( one of the most sought skills of the time )

::: Presentation Skills ( most job roles in today’s world requires presentation skills as one needs to persuade and convince the investors ).

::: People’s Skills ( get better at interacting and building long-term relationships and leaving a good first impression )

The best and the fastest way to improve the above skills is by starting an enterprise and trying to build it profitably.
Your skills shall develop at a very rapid rate as you will need to take-up multiple job roles.
Besides that your persuasion skills, negotiation skills and leadership skills shall get polished.

Apart from that you shall become an enterprising person as successful ventures require great extent of hard-work and consistency.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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