How to get a government job quickly?

If you go for traditional government jobs like IAS/PCS then it may take significant time to succeed at them as the above examinations involve multiple tiers of testing (prelims, mains and interview).

So, at first attempt you may clear one or more levels of testing.
But likelihood of clearing all the hurdles at first attempt is low.

Instead if you compete for jobs other than civil services then likelihood of succeeding at them is HIGH.

-Why is it so?

》Indian Army, Navy and Airforce

( they do not look for intellectuals or people with exceptional intelligence rather they look for people who are medically fit and can sustain in diverse conditions and are quick to right decision making.)

To qualify in CDS and AFCAT is not a VERY DIFFICULT task.
Rigorous preparation of 3-4 months is sufficient if one has good command over English language and Elementary Mathematics.
The real hurdle is SSB but that could be cleared by appearing for multiple times.

The strategy could be preparing for the SSB through self-mode and supplementing it with YouTube videos.

Qualify for CDS/AFCAT and appear in SSB over and over again.

Each time you appear for SSB be conscious enough to take note of your short-comings.

Work upon your short-comings and after 2-3 serious and well-prepared attempts you shall be able to clear the SSB too.
( Indian Army, Air-force and Navy encourage aspirants to appear for SSB as many times as possible.)

You can appear for them till the age of 23-24 depending upon whether the SSB is for Indian Army, Navy or Air-force.

So, if you are graduating at the age of 21 then

You can appear for at least 12 times in SSB till age 23( 4 times at age 21 ( 2 from CDS & 2 from AFCAT and so forth)

Do not underestimate the jobs in Army, Navy or Air-force.
They carry huge honour, respect and dignity besides the high-salary ( comparable to salaries of engineers in PSU’s )

》State PSU’s

It is easy to crack state psu’s examinations as compared to Central PSU’s.
The reason is that to get into Central PSU’s requires one to score exceptionally well in GATE examination.
While the state psu’s examinations do not follow a regular pattern.
Their examination papers are unpredictable with reference to topics which shall weigh more.


The same is the case with the RRB’s.
RRB ~ Railway Recruitment Board.
The technical vacancies through RRB’s involve examinations which are unpredictable!


As far as traditional competitive examinations are concerned- good books and multitude of books are available on same topics.
Not only this huge no. of coaching institutions are available.
So, there are highly – competitive.

While the case is opposite with unregular vacancies.
Most aspirants don’t take them seriously.
Also, in such examinations Examination Centres are very less ( as in DMRC the centres are New Delhi and neighbouring regions ).

# So, prepare well and do appear for not-so-sought government jobs.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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