How to incline yourself to your dreams?

Suppose you are at point A currently and you wish to reach point B which is your dream.
While pursuing your dreams you may realize that the path from A to B is not a straight line.
So, there is no harm in involving a point C, D or more to accomplish your dreams.

What are these points C, D, etc.?

Suppose you wish to be a good public speaker in English.
You may presently not have good command over English language.
It may require some money to get yourself coached at some academy.
At the same time you may be out of requisite money.
So, to see yourself speaking exceptionally at dias you need:

Point C: Get a job or if you have a job then work over-time for few months to save enough money required to get yourself admitted into a coaching.

Point D: Enroll yourself into a coaching and get trained. Work hard till the coaching period ends.

Point E: Besides coaching you may need to put self-efforts by practicing what you have learned in coaching institute.
You may also need to supplement your learning via some online courses and self-learning modules and may need to consult some books on “How to”.

Point F : As the saying goes- you need to do more of what you wish to learn.
If you wish to be a good public speaker then speak a lot on the dias. Never miss any opportunity to represent yourself on the dias.
With time you shall improve and improvements shall be massive and overwhelming.

So, no matter where you are, if you wish to accomplish your dreams then there are many points C, D, E and so on that shall eventually lead you to your dream point.
Just make sure that points C, D, and so forth are inclined towards your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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