Why you shouldn’t mind inconveniences in life?

Because they are inevitable.

– Failures

Failures are inevitable in life.
Many inconveniences are caused by failures. We miss opportunities that may smoothen our path.
Failures make our life uneasy and bumpy.

– Relationships

Even the best and most romantic and trusted relationships break in times of adversities at times. So, a broken relationship may break you emotionally and may become a reason for inconvenience.

– Other reasons

You may be wealthy and may take up expensive services for your convenience.

Imagine you book a flight for going from place A to B.
Inconvenience may be caused by weather conditions and the flights may get delayed.

Imagine you buy a new Mercedes and it becomes defunct after few miles of travelling.
Though you may be offered cost free service to repair it but it has caused inconvenience to you.

So, in life inconveniences are inevitable.
No matter how wealthy you may become.
Sometimes it could be do to situations beyond our control and other times due to our Emotional Imbalances ( i.e. getting swayed by situations ).

Be stoic in times of inconveniences.
Don’t mind them.
Shift your focus on something worthy that may be facilitated by these inconveniences in life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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