Calculating the time required to cover up the entire syllabus of competitive examinations.

Let’s do some calculations:

Suppose there are 20 books to be covered in 8 months.
Let each book has 300 pages.

Total no. of pages to be read = 20×300 = 6000 pages.

Suppose you need to revise it 4 times to have a good hold on the subject then

Total no. of pages = 6000×4 = 24000 pages

If your preparation period is for eight months then

No. of pages you need to read each month = 24000/8 = 3000 pages/month

So, no. of pages you need to read each day= 3000/30 = 100 pages/day

How much time it requires to read 100 pages?

In 1 hour we are able to read and comprehend approximately 15 pages.
So, for 100 pages required time equals 100/15 hours.
100/15 is approx 6.5 hours.

So, just to cover up your syllabus you need to study around 6.5 hours each day for 8 months.

You may also require to speed up your pace of learning as you may also need time to solve previous years questions.

You may also need to devote some time in coaching for the topics and subjects you don’t understand.

So, in case you join coaching ; you may need to work as hard as 14-16 hours each day.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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