How to become a Book Reviewer?

If you wish to become a book reviewer first of all set up a blog.
Once you have set up a blog then

1- Start contacting writers and authors for review copies and review them on your blog.

2- You can also join fb groups that are related to book reviewing.

3- Review the books on blog as well as on Goodreads and Amazon.

4- Get in touch with other bloggers and book reviewers on fb. It shall help you in
becoming a better reviewer.

If you keep reviewing books and succeed in building right contacts then you may be picked up by various newspapers or online e-magazines for book reviewing.

It opens up new avenues for you. You may start reviewing movies, restaurants and hotels.

When you would have had reviewed around 20-30 books then you may be picked up by any publishing house.
If you associate yourself with publishing house then they shall send you the review copies of books recently launched by them.

Just be sure to build contacts as it shall help you a lot in establishing yourself as a book reviewer.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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