Review of “ Shit happens so does love” by Bimlesh Yadav

Review of “Shit happens so does love” by Bimlesh Yadav


Shit happens so does love by Bimlesh Yadav

“Shit happens so does love” by Bimlesh Yadav is a touching love story of Bhavin and Anshika.
“Shit happens so does love” can be divided into two parts: the year of 12th standard and 4 years engineering.
The language is simple and engaging.
The story becomes more interesting and appealing as the college life starts.
One can find instances of assignment load, bunking lectures, watching porn, making sex in the train, visiting brothel and little and lovely fights between room-mates.
In a nutshell, “Shit happens so does love” is a complete package for reminiscing one’s college life.

The protagonist Bhavin called fondly by friends as Bee is a shy guy who finds it difficult to talk with girls.
His friends at school are Mahrus, Ishaan and Nirmay.
Bhavin falls in love with Richa until later he discovers that it was a ploy by Richa to take revenge from Bhavin and his friends.
Bhavin feels cheated and his world falls apart.
He finds it difficult to live and imagine his life without Richa.
Bhavin secures good rank in AIEEE and gets MNNIT, Allahabad.
He starts a new journey@ college with Nirvana and Arpit as room-mates. (You will surely love the character of Arpit)
Bhavin meets a beautiful girl at Ranchi during his internships.
He again meets her (Anshika) at Bhopal where he had gone to meet Nirmay during vacations.
And later to his amazement he discovers Anshika among the newly admitted juniors at MNNIT.
Soon, they profess their love to each other. They become the most talked about couples at the college.

In 4th year, Bhavin gets busy in coordinating for Avishkar 2k13 which was his dream.
And due to hectic schedules and tasks as a general secretary of Avishar 2k13 he is left with no time to interact with Anshika.
To his amazement he finds Anshika kissing a guy.
His world shatters again.
He feels cheated by Anshika.
Why Aanshika kissed that guy?
Will Anshika and Bhavin ever talk again?
Will they re-unite ever as lovers?
Or shall the story end with Bhavin left alone to remorse at his fate?

Do grab a copy of “Shit happens so does love” by Bimlesh Yadav through the link below:

Best moments@ Shit happens so does love

-“I was drunk for the first time but I never considered drinking beer as getting drunk after that I took beer as energy drink”.
-“He was always the last one to show up may be it was because he was born an hour late.”
-“Unexpected braking brought bus to rest and from nowhere a girl fell into my lap, like apple fell into Newton’s lap.”
-“Don’t stare that hard”, she said adjusting her gaze at me.
-“He dated many girls and it was problematic for me to keep every girls name in my head, so I numbered them and she was 18 by number.”

I rate it as 3.5/5

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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