Why I’m excited about year 2016?

Why I’m excited about year 2016?

I just wished one thing from my graduation-lessons for life.
I wanted to be prepared for life with best tools (habits) by the end of my graduation.
The journey life@ graduation is just going to end soon.

What have I accomplished so far?
Not much to tell.
But I have successfully installed habits in myself I had longed for.
I am excited because I could instill them (though it was a slow progress as 3.5 year is a long period of time)

-I’m prepared.

I’m super-excited as year 2016 is sure to bring many new challenges and hurdles.
I wish to check how much I’m prepared for the battle of life.
Life will throw lots of failures and as well as opportunities.
Let’s see what happens.

-You can start today.

You too can do the same. Just aim for 6 months from now.
Learn the life skills. They shall greatly help you in life ahead.
You can start by reading self-help books followed by listening to audio/video of peak performers and successful people.

Believe me it shall revolutionize your life.
Will you take the first step that shall change your life forever?
And most importantly will you take it today?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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