How to refresh yourself in 5 minutes?

How to refresh yourself in 5 minutes?

You may be tired after toiling hard. You may be deprived of sleep.
Yet situations may be dire and may call for your prompt actions.
What to do in such situations?
We are left with no other option than to perform.
Here’s is trick that might work for you- it has worked pretty well for me.

-Refresh yourself

Give yourself just 5 minutes before you begin yet another daunting task.
Close your eyes. Recall the face of the best person of your life.
It might be your mother, father, brother or sister.
It could be your beloved. Just recall the best moments with them.
Re-visit the past quickly and remind yourself how much you love them.
You shall be overwhelmed by the fact that how lucky you are.
You have received enormous love from family and friends.
Open your eyes.
The situations that seem to be terrorizing you are nothing when compared to love you have received in the form of blessings.
Can’t you just go without sleep for that love?
Can’t you focus little more in order to fulfill your dreams and expectations of the family and friends?

Applying the same technique I have forced myself to stay up till late and burn midnight oils.

-I hate this work.

We all hate monotonous works and tasks.
But at times they are inevitable and we have to perform them.
No amount of whining can evade us from work.
The best way to attempt monotonous work is by recalling how your mother prepares food for you each day without failing.
Can’t you reciprocate just the 50%?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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