You should have something to die for.

You should have something to die for.

Else life is either half-lived or not lived at all.
I repeat just 1 reason.
Not 1000 just one.
The reason could be DREAM, HAPPINESS or any random or crazy thing.
But it must be strong enough to sustain you in times of darkness and adversities.


If you don’t face challenges now and then then you are going slowly.
Life is short.
Today you are 20 and soon you shall turn 30 then 40 then the time to good bye to earth.
So, increase your pace.
Have fun and be a die-hard lover of life.

Make your stay at Earth an adventurous and exciting one!
There comes a time when you have to decide consciously to leave the crowd.
Year 2016 is approaching.
Will you leave the crowd?
Will you make a new path for yourself?
It is a bad excuse that everyone around you is not happy and so you are sad.
How long will you live the life designed by others?
Will you muster the courage to design your own life?
Will you?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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