What you should do in year 2016?

What you should do in year 2016?

The time has come to say Good Bye to year 2015 and embrace year 2016.
Do you have any resolutions for 2016?
Leave it. I have something more important to share with you- “What you should do in 2016?”


-FAIL: get out of your comfort zone. Get rejected. Take the risks. Look like an idiot. But please fail.

-SUCCEED: Don’t just fail. Ensure few successes by working hard this year (not just few days or weeks, I mean whole year! Try it. You shall be amazed by the progress and improvements you make in your life)

-BE KIND: We won’t die together. Who knows how many days are left. Be kind. The person you may get angry at may not be available tomorrow. Yeah death is scary and it can come to anybody and at any time.

-FORGIVE: Life is short. Forgive all the people who have hurt you in any form. Start by forgiving yourself.

-LIVE MORE: Don’t listen to anybody. You have limited time on this earth. Live the way you always wished to be or else get yourself prepared to die on deathbed with regrets.

Live the year 2016 as this is the last year of your life.
Constantly remind yourself this is the last year of your life.
By doing so you shall be able to liberate yourself from every chain you are tied to in this world.
You shall be able to live and enjoy to the fullest.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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