We fail when we don’t want.

We fail when we don’t want.

We fail when we don’t want.
It’s disappointing.
Then why not risk to do what one love’s to do?
What can happen at max?
You shall fail.
Try to see your life in a different shade.
There is always risk in life but we need to take the risk.


If you become too close to someone you carry the risk of being hurt.
The best of the best relationships may eventually fail.
But keeping oneself aloof from all relationships is not the right way.
You have to run the risk of being bare and open to attract best relationships into your life.


If you keep playing at the standards you have always, you shall never be able perform at extra-ordinary level.
You have to burn mid-night oils, fail at times (I mean to fail badly) and knocked down.

-Failures are inevitable

They are bound to happen.
So, why not do something that pacifies you?
Why not take the risk to follow your dreams?

Why live like an average?
You need to shade off what most folks think on this Earth.
You need to form your own viewpoints.
Don’t be carried away by majority as you may feel shy to follow the unbeaten path.
Anyways go for it.
It is worth your time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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