Miss some opportunities.

Miss some opportunities

Life is short. It is highly recommended for you to make your life a fulfilling experience.
Miss some opportunities along the way.
There is no use of working extra-ordinarily hard to make money and accumulate it.
Life at times demands breaks to rejuvenate and re-invent one’s life.
Do not deprive yourself of the solitude time you need each day to recharge yourself.
If you wish to grab each and every opportunity on your way then it shall eat away majority of your time.
Instead try hard to grab opportunities that are inclined towards your dreams.
They are worth your time.
They provide you the requisite focus to perform at peak-level.


Opportunities that are stepping stones to your dreams should be pursued religiously.
Do not mind missing some opportunities and failing to do well in areas that are outside the scope of your dreams.
(Be average in all other fields and work hard to be exceptional in your field.)
This is the age of specialization.
You shouldn’t aspire to be generalist.
Instead devote 2-3 years in pursuance of a single skill.
Work on that skill each day.
After 2-3 years of extreme hard-work you shall become the master of that skill.
This trait shall be the main constituent in making you an expert.

If you remain an average in life you are paid an average salary.
But if you succeed in becoming an expert in your field you make fortune.
And if you are good person then you become one of the main contributors of the society.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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