Every dog has his day.

Every dog has his day.

This is the most inspiring and funny proverb I have seen.
Wait for the right time. Have patience. If you are working relentlessly for your dreams then there is no point why you will fail to accomplish them.
You are a human-being.


The game is about time.
Success is achieved when preparation meets opportunity.
So, keep on working for your dreams each day and putting best of your efforts until your day arrives.
Have faith.
Believe in your work.
You shall soon grab an opportunity that shall change the course of your life.

-You have untapped potential.

We all are capable of doing what seems impossible but we never dedicate ourselves fully for our dreams.
Once you dedicate yourself to your dreams; path shall appear from the darkness.
It shall drift you from the long solitude and painful journey to a new road that offers satisfaction and fulfillment of your dreams.

Life is funny as the caption of this blog post.
Enjoy it.
Live it.
Be responsible but don’t take your life seriously.
Know that the day you regard as the day of your dreams shall arrive soon.
Work as if you can experience that that day is very near and is approaching to you at the speed of light.

With Great Life,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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