What to do just before 10 minutes of examination?

What to do just before 10 minutes of examination?

Imagine yourself to be sitting in the examination hall.
You have filled up the entries. The final bell shall ring soon and you shall have the question paper in your hand.
10 minutes are not meant just to relax.
It is the time to boost your morale.


This is what most athletes do just before they start the race.
They close their eyes.
They recall each and every moment they had worked hard.
They re-live their struggles and hard-times they had and how they coped up with it.

What you can do?

Close your eyes.
Recall your past.
How hard did you worked?
Have faith on your hard-work.
Recall all the sacrifices you have made along the way.
Imagine the moments you felt helpless still continued thriving.
The day has come.
This is your day.
Do not let it go.

Now open your eyes.
You are now prepared to give your best in the examination.
No matter if you had slept last night or not.
No matter if you have travelled a long distance to reach the examination center.
It all will get erased with the above simple exercise.

You shall feel light, calm and at peace.
This is how one gets psychologically prepared to give ones best.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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