Necessary and unnecessary go hand in hand

Necessary and unnecessary go hand in hand.

If you think that you shall ever get free “time” exclusively for something you wish to do then forget about it.
As said you shall always get time do what you regard as MUST for each day.
At times, you may need to burn mid-night oils to finish up with your daily quota of MUST.
But it is worth doing.

At times there shall be interruptions that shall require you to do seemingly “unimportant” stuffs.
We do have to adhere to them too.
Don’t mind them.

Just remember the rule of thumb:

You have to steal some time “here and there”.
Look for the ways to carry on “MUST” while simultaneously acknowledging the interruptions.
You may be travelling still you can write a blog post or could revise some of the topics you read few days ago.
Learn to utilize every bit of your time.
The day you learn to steal some time from “here and there”, you shall be able to take care of other aspects of your life.
Time management is the most difficult thing.
If you get better at it then life shall become smooth for you.

Remember, necessary and unnecessary go hand in hand.
There are countless people who have realized their dreams while simultaneously managing their studies.
There are many authors who have written books by working at late hours.
The only trick is that IF IT IS MUST FOR YOU THEN YOU SHALL DO IT AT 2:30 pm too.
The only condition is MUST.
So, shift from “should to must” and start doing your MUST’s.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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