How to prepare for competitive examinations if you are a working professional?

How to prepare for competitive examinations if you are a working professional?

Do not expect that you will get 2-3 hours at a stretch to study.
You have to closely manage your time.

-15 minutes.

Instead of taking rest for 15 minutes after a work of 4-5 hours.
Close your eyes.
Take deep breath.
Recall one of the best moment of your life.
Imagine in your mind the best person of your life.
Try it. It doesn’t take any longer than 1 minute.
You shall feel fresh and at peace.
Now, start studying.
May be through internet or you may carry a book with yourself.
Study a new concept.

Keep thinking about it throughout the day.
It will become the part of your long-term memory.


You shall have to travel a lot as a professional.
So, when you travel- do this.
Close your eyes.
Think about what you read yesterday and few days back.
Keep thinking about them.
By the time you reach your destination you would have revised and connected lot of things in the mind.
As a blogger I keep thinking about “what to write today”.
And by the end of the day I have something precious to share with my readers.


Do not involve yourself in useless conversations.
If you cannot leave out of it owing to some constraints then just keep mum.
You need not to lose your energy by exchanging heated words.


You have no other options than to go for a long study spree.
If you fail to utilize around 50+ Sundays in a year- you shall miss your dream of clearing examinations.
You have to work hard intelligently.
Sundays provide you an opportunity to cover up major portions of your syllabus.
It would be difficult yet manageable.

Hope the above tips work for you all!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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