Getting prepared isn’t about quick-fixes.

Getting prepared isn’t about quick-fixes.

If you are preparing for something- first do your home-work religiously.
Getting prepared isn’t a cake walk.
It requires lots of hours of practice and labor.

-Something Great
If you wish to achieve something great without hard-work forget about it.
Even smart work is a hard-work.
Quick-fixes won’t make you a person who can persevere amidst tiring situations.
Doing what is easy cannot make you a leader.
You need to take the first step.
You need to re-invent your life.

-Do not have a plan B

Work on plan A.
Forget about everything else for 2-3 years.
Devote yourself day in and day out for a single cause.
You shall never devote yourself to a cause until and unless you have plan B, plan C and so on.
Work as if you have no option.
You have to make “plan A” a success anyhow.
Be willing to sacrifice whatever the situation demands.
Be willing to take up the pain.
Pleasures don’t last long.
Nor do pains.
But the joy of success lasts long.

-Overnight Success

Success is not an overnight phenomenon.
You have to work relentlessly each day.
These small daily acts make us legendry.
Go for your dreams.
You have very less time left.
Either convince yourself to live without your dreams or go through the cycles of pain to fulfill your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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