What is the importance of looks in one’s life?

What is the importance of looks in one’s life?

Most youths are concerned with their looks. How they look is a prominent question that pops into their mind often. Large amount of time is spent on preening oneself.
The funniest thing about looks is that there are no parameters to measure it.
Whatever is immeasurable falls within the gamut of arts.

-Do looks count?

Many people wish to be beautiful.
I at times wonder how one got to know if he/she doesn’t look good?
As said some people speak the truth.
Let me correct myself.
Some people speak about their notions.
One’s definition of beauty may be flawed.
To consider oneself/others to be less beautiful or divine is a sin.
When we consciously or unconsciously demean ourselves then eventually we end up destroying our self-esteem and confidence.
The process doesn’t stop here.
We go on blaming our body for:

: Not having a boyfriend/girlfriend
: Not having friends
: Not getting promotions/results

And many more things that we believe are attracted to our life owing to our body.
What we become in life has no relation with how we look externally.

Looks may work in the short- run but to say it matters in the long-run is a myth.

-Will you spend your most time with a person with good looks but a bad heart for long?
-Will you spend your most time with a person with good look but bad attitude?
-As the head of your company would you hire a person just because of his/her looks?
-As a manager would you give a good performance appraisal to an employee just because he/she has great looks?

Beauty of the body is short-lived.
One may grab attention due to one’s body and looks in one’s 20’s and till 30’s.
(Mainly due to dating and other stuffs)
But beyond that one has to do something worthwhile to catch attention.
By the age of 30-35 all look same (more or less) as at this age outer-beauty has lost its meaning.
People by this age are most interested in finding people who are wise, knowledgeable and wealthy.


As Jim Carrey said in one of his commencement address:
“My soul is not contained within the limits of my body.
My body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul”.

Never give a damn to outer-voices in the world.
It’s your own voice that matters the most.
Do not let anyone dilute the voice within you.
At times, you may find it difficult to believe that you have greatness within you.
But you have no matter what!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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