Why great leaders don’t connect people as brothers & sisters?

Why great leaders don’t connect people as brothers & sisters?

Leaders and managers never use relationship as a tool to connect people.
Leadership isn’t about connecting people as brothers and sisters.
When I started my college life I tried connecting classmates as brothers and sisters.
But by the end of the 2nd year, I realized that I had failed miserably to do so.
It was disappointing to know that the brother and sister chain was terminated at many links.
You may regard someone as a brother or sister and if you expect the same from all your friends- that may not hold true.
So, if you apply this approach you shall meet failures.

The major problems with the above approach are:

-The others may not have the same “respect and affection” as you hold for your brother/sister.

-The others may like/respect you but may not like to get in touch with your brother/sister.

-Sense of Responsibility: most people shy away from responsibilities. They are hesitant to take responsibilities. Relationships require a sense of responsibility and that could be expected from few strong people.

So, what I learned is that introduce people as just FRIENDS.
That’s probably the best way.
There isn’t any need to tie them as brothers or sisters (though I initially believed that).

The best way to connect people is by creating an environment that nourishes each and every person.
If you are able to create such an environment that allows everyone to perform at the highest level then the relationships formed are life-long and valued.
Else, connecting people without a cause and a vision based on bonhomie and humanity is futile (as few people believe in humanity!).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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