Life@ Blogger

Life of a blogger.

#Writing for Audience.

If you are a blogger, you wake up with an idea to share with your audience. You have to address to blog posts as demanded by your readers.
You have to continuously gauge over what your readers are appreciating the most.

# Requesting Guest blog posts

Though you may be an independent blogger but you have to look for bloggers who are writing on the same theme as you do.
Guest blog posts helps you to make your blog more diverse.
Morever, it increases blog’s traffic too.

# Contacting for advertisements

If you wish to monetize your blog then you need to contact business-owners who may want to advertise on your blog.
For the above you may need to make calls, send e-mails and may need to meet personally.

# Reviewing Products & Services

You can also review products and services on your blog and recommend it to your readers.

#Learning SMM & SEO

To expand your blog’s audience globally- learning SMM and SEO is vital.

# Writing for other websites and blogs.

You shall recieve offers to write for other blogs and websites.
It helps you to generate more traffic to your blog.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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