How to increase your self-confidence to an exceptional-level?

How to increase your self-confidence to an exceptional-level?

Opportunities keep striking us again and again.
Most people say “No” to opportunities thinking “THEY ARE NOT PREPARED”.
Some people say “YES” though they too are not prepared.
What’s the difference?
The latter categories of people believe that “they shall improve along the way”.
They believe NOW to be the right time.
So, life is a game in which self-confidence is your most vital tool.

-Do what you fear the most

Last time when a friend asked you to lend him a hand- you said no owing to discomfort that arises out of work.

Recall last time you didn’t set a higher goal for yourself because you feared what if you fail to achieve your goals?
So, each time you say “NO” be cautious that your “NO” isn’t the result of your fears.

We all are terrified to set higher goals.
We all are scared to work-hard.
So, what you need to change is to start doing what you fear the most.

-If you fear raising your hands in a class to ask questions from your teacher out of fear- start asking from today.

-If you fear setting a goal that people may laugh at- set that goal for yourself today.

Your confidence level shall improve automatically when you start doing “THINGS YOU BELIEVE IN”.
The best way to raise your confidence is by being ACTION-OREINTED.
Fear sets in when we sit idle and try to project our future.
So, get into habit of replacing WORRY by ACTION.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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