Paisa toh bana lenge.

Paisa toh bana lenge.

I have met many people who were confident about making money. They had the faith that “they shall be able to make money” through hard-work.
And interestingly in future they made sufficient money.
So, what’s the reason behind it?
Success in life depends not only upon academics but also on many other factors.

Self-confidence is one of the factors.
In life there is going to be lots of failures and setbacks.
What can allow us to keep working-hard amidst these set-backs?
It’s faith in one’s abilities.
It’s self-confidence.
No amount of bookish knowledge can beat a person with perseverance and grit.

Money is one of the aspects of life.
There are other aspects to life:


If you fail to take care of your finances then you shall not be able to work upon improving your health and relationships.

Life is just isn’t about money.
I like the people who have confidence that they shall be able to make as much money as they wish to.
Probably they shall be able to take care of at least one of their aspects of life i.e. economical.
And once they start working on other aspects- they shall be able to improve them too.
So, somehow instill confidence in yourself that you shall be able to win irrespective of the situations around you.
No matter what you are going to fight like a warrior.
A warrior who doesn’t know how to quit!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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