Fight when you feel defeated

Fight when you feel defeated.

In life, there are going to be lots of failures and disappointments.
Situations may be hard.
You may feel like quitting.
You may feel- it’s too much to bear.
Success may seem distant.
Confusion may take over faith.
Fear of failure may grip you.
Fear may inhibit you from taking right actions.

What if I fail this time?
What if I lose money?
What if I disappoint my family and friends?
But the question is will you be chasing the same dreams next year?
If yes, then keep on fighting and pushing hard.
There is no starting point.
The earlier you start the better.


As said by a great athlete when asked how many miles you run each day, the reply was; I start counting when I am at point of just giving up.
Truly, that is the way to improve.
That’s the way to develop one’s limit.
Overcome initial resistances.
See obstacles and resistances as an opportunity to improve yourself.

-Fight when you feel defeated

Because you are at a point whereby if you fight; you shall broaden your abilities.
If you quit however, you gain nothing.
You fall into being mediocre.
Never willing to bear the pain and trouble to expand one’s limitations makes us average.
If you wish to be a peak-performer then PAIN IS INEVITABLE.
SACRIFICES are inevitable.
Go ahead and fight for your dreams.
No matter if you failed.
No matter what your past is.
The only thing that matters is your willingness to make sacrifices and bear the pain in order to achieve your dreams.
Changes are never abrupt.
It takes time.
Give yourself sufficient time.
And with your hard-work you shall see yourself achieving your dreams in reality!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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