Calculate “Time”.

Calculate “Time”.

Time is the most vital resource in life.
Consider some scenarios.

Scenario #1
You talk to a person 1 hour each day.
So, total time sums up to 365 hours in one year.
Suppose you work-hard each day for 8 hours (most desk jobs).
365/8= 45.635 days = 45 days.
45 days is equivalent to 1.5 months.
So, in the same time span you bring at home 1.5 months hard-earned money.
The message is don’t ignore “power of 1 hour each day”.

Lesson from above discussion: Do not talk to a person for 1 hour if that person isn’t very dear and close to you.
Instead use the same to relax, rejuvenate and sleep-well.

Scenario #2

If you login into your social media each day for 5 times and let each session lasts for 5 minutes.
Time spent on social media each day= 5*5 minutes= 25 minutes
If you calculate it for over a year it would be 9,125 minutes.
9,125 equates to 152 hours!

Lesson from above discussion: How often we complain about lack of time?
How often we say that we would have performed better if we had “little more time”?
So, be conscious about your time.
Where your maximum time is spent?
It should always be on THINGS THAT MATTER THE MOST TO YOU.

Scenario #3

We often tend to get into trap of whether I should do it or not.
We waste our lots of time in thinking (over things that doesn’t matter):

Do I look good?
Am I looking handsome today?
How shall he/she react?
What if I may be judged?
What if I fail?
What if things don’t work out?

Lesson: Instead of thinking too much: TAKE ACTIONS.
Eliminate bad habits that don’t produce results and kill your time.
Each day is a gift to you from God.
Never let it get wasted over things that are filthy.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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