A collection of sad love poems by Amit Yadav

A collection of sad love poems by Amit Yadav

#1 sad love poem:

Things have changed drastically!
May be I hold resentments,
For you have been rude and hash,
For you have been unwelcoming,
For you have been cold,
For you have been unaffectionate,
For you have forgotten me,


May be you look beautiful in white and blue,
May be the world is alluring because of you,
Still, not much before,
You have been ugly, unkind and cold!


You failed to see a friend in me,
You failed to see your well-wisher,
You failed to consider me as a Human-being.
For you have failed miserably!


Amit Yadav is an avid blogger and book reviewer at http://www.stayfoolish2day.wordpress.com.
He is currently in 4th year of engineering (Electronics & Communication Engineering) at FGIET, Rae Bareli.
He is enthusiastic about life and loves to experiment with life.
He gets excited by failures and adores failures.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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