5 things I’m proud of.

Take one sheet of paper.
Write down “5 things you are proud of”.
We all have “something” which we are proud of.
We all have stories of struggles and success.
We fail to share them.
We keep them in heart.
It’s a brainstorming exercise and shall bring you closer to your inner-self.

Here’s what I wrote while reflecting upon past:

1- NEVER SETTLED however bad the circumstances might have been.

( In one way I have been very obstinate and adamant. )
Sometimes, one MUST be unwilling to change ones mind.
Be firm and rigid if you are RIGHT.
( except in relationships where you need to be more understanding, forgiving and considerate. In relationships being considerate is more important than being right.)

2- Started all OVER AGAIN.

Stumbled many times in life.
Yeah, it’s hard to start all over again from zero ground-level.
But you need to.
Yes, you need to.
Accept the realties.
You cannot stagnate.
You have to keep moving on believing circumstances shall change as you put efforts day in and day out.
It feels great that I have made a new beginning each time I failed.
It is not a matter of shame to start again.
What matters is your willingness to improve yourself and to learn and grow.

3- Blogging

Glad that I do it each day.
I consider it as game-changer in my life.
Blogging has been a turning point.

4- Followed my own Heart.

At the end of the day it feels great if you took risks, looked idiot and still smiled.
There is no greater joy!
In midst of adversities I close my eyes & go after what seems right.
Everyone should do the same.
Listen to your heart.
At times, you may get yourself stuck.
But there is no blame-game.
You owe all the responsibilities.
So, you shall ALWAYS be able to find a way out.

5- I’m happy that I failed miserably many times.

I allowed myself to fail.
I didn’t cared what the others may say or perceive.
Allow yourself to fail.
It is the way you grow.
Failures are what lights me up.
With time failures have rekindled more enthusiasm and confidence in me.
I feel more resilient now.
I firmy believe that failures are opportunities or let’s say they are like medicines- PAINFUL YET ARE FOR A GOOD CAUSE!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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