Why you shouldn’t work-hard too much?

Why you shouldn’t work-hard too much?

A palliative care nurse in Australia who after interviewing 100s of dying people wrote about top 5 regrets of the dying- one of them was I SHOULDN’T HAVE WORKED HARD TOO MUCH.

-Get yourself a fulfilling-life.

At the end of the day we all need to spend quality time with family for recreation and rejuvenation.
Get-togethers with friends and dear ones are necessary to give us the requisite break that we all wish after hard-work.
Never neglect YOURSELF as you go on to fulfill your dreams.

-Become a better INVESTOR.

Business requires one to adapt to changes.
So, it is said to be risky.
So, being a better investor allows you to have time to relax, have fun and reflect on life.
Though as an investor you may not earn as much as a company-owner may but it leaves you with more time.
After a certain amount of money and wealth, it’s the time that owes larger value than money.
Go for time.

-Time for YOURSELF.

Reserve some time for yourself, may be a day Sunday.
May be 9-10 pm or in morning 5-6 am when you don’t meet anybody or pick-up the calls.
You need time to reflect upon your life.
To ask yourself questions like- am I heading in the same direction?
Am I happy?
Are all areas of my life well-balanced?

P.S. For getting financially free without working too much hard:

-Don’t buy useless things (be a better investor).
-Keep your expenditures under your control.
(Don’t let it cross the threshold of 70% of your salary).
-Build Assets.
(Create something that puts some amount of money monthly into your pocket).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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