What if at the end of the B.Tech you are offered a job of 2 LPA?

What if at the end of the B.Tech you are offered a job of 2 LPA?

It means you lack skills-in-demand in industry.
You may be proficient with others skills but may not be in what industries may be looking for.
So, what’s the way ahead?


If you take up the job and decide to work-harder after office hours to hone your skills; you shall grow very swiftly.
When you leave to work, be determined to learn something.
Listen to co-workers, meet seniors, and interact with top-managers in your company.
See how they work.
What is their ideology?
What is the ideology of the company?
What is the mission of the company?
Are co-workers satisfied?
Find out a co-worker who is doing something different.
Hang out with people who are different from you.
This escalates your learning.

-If you don’t take up the job

You could either go for training institutes or post-graduation.
As you step into the life@ post grad be sure to be on fire.
Have a strategy for next 2 years.
2 years is a long-time.
So, besides academics- thrust on self-learning.
Before you start your post-graduation, be sure to have WRITTEN GOALS FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS.
They could be:
/Reading 50 Self-help books.
/Writing a novel.
/Thorough study of History, Geography, Economics, or any of the subjects you like.
/Starting a company.
(Start small and allow yourself to fail. I recommend this just to get you an idea of “how much hard-work” is required in the process of launching a start-up besides capital).
/Work upon your communication skills.
You must be exceptional when it comes to communicating with people.

Keep learning, no matter where ever you are.
Stay focused.
Value your time.

Once you manage your economics; start by improving other areas of your life.
Surely, life is not all about ECONOMICS.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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